Service Management, a Potter story

An organisation, whose name I can’t mention, conjured up not that long ago – not unlike the Ministry of Magic – a new version of The Framework whose name I can’t mention. This organisation then started to refer to themselves as the owner of the framework.

Despite the fact that while they were creating the framework whose name I can’t mention they unashamedly used the ideas of other frameworks, they now threaten anybody who uses their name with legal action. There are several examples publicly available and one of them can be found on the website. Read Michael’s story: Michael wrote his PhD thesis (in German) and made some references to the framework – whose name I can’t mention – and his now threatened with legal action.
How is it possible that a student is threatened by a foreign company because of a PhD thesis? Why does the Ministry of Magic has this much power? And why do we all allow this to happen?
A few years ago a beautiful alternative emerged, based on the previous version of The Framework whose name we can’t mention: an ISO standard. This standard has gained in strength and has turned into a great alternative. We also know of an alternative to the expensive certification pathway for The Framework whose name I can’t mention. So there is a fantastic alternative pathway when we really value certification that much.
The ISO standard received all the good stuff, in all its simplicity, from The Framework whose name I can’t mention akin to the way Voldemort gave a large portion of his power to Harry Potter. And we all know how it ended for Voldemort and Harry Potter: Harry defeats Voldemort and good wins over evil.

Caveat: all similarity or reference to any true and existing frameworks or organisation are purely coincidence

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Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

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