I am Aad Brinkman.20210716-DSC_9445 (2)

Being Aad:

I am a proud father of three beautiful children.

I am blessed with a caring and loving wife.

I am sharing a great journey in life with them and with all the nice people around me.

I am constantly challeging myself in what way I can develop my self to be myself.

I am certified Professional coach by the Coaching Academy.

And yes:

I am EXIN-certified ITIL Service Manager and deliver in-company ITIL Service Management trainings regularly. My broad service management experience is developed during advisory and implementations in the financial, industrial and logistical areas.

I am one of the original authors of ‘IT Service Management, an introduction’ of ITSMF was member of the QA teams of both the Dutch as well as the English version.

I was also QA member of several other publications.

Next to that I am certified ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Bookstore’ ‘Marslander’, Taikiti Bay’ and Organizational Behavior Management trainer

I am a regular publisher in several magazines and was speaker at several conferences and seminars.

I am Trusted Advisor on Service – and Information Management and Coach.

But most important I am ME…..

Vragen: info[at]aadbrinkman.nl

Een gedachte over “Over

  1. Hallo Aad,

    leuk om zo eens wat over jou te lezen.
    Met ons gaat het ook allemaal goed hebben allebei al AOW dus doen rustig aan.
    Nou ja rustig wij doen heel veel vrijwilligerswerk bij het WZC de Matenhof.

    groetjes, Chiel

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